Stock Intraday Tips for Today: Sell Metals and Banking Stocks

Fed MeetingThe market is seeing a sharp decline before US central bank the Federal Reserve’s meeting on June 14-15. In the last five trading sessions, the Sensex was down by about 1.5 per cent. Today also Indian equity market has open with a zig zag trend after a sharp fall on Monday’s trading. BSE Sensex is trading at 26420 with a marginal gain of 25 points while Nifty is trading at 8115 with a gain f 5 points. Industries experts beleive that the metal stocks and private banks may face a sharp decline in upcoming trading session. So one can sell these stocks for good profit in it.

Here we have brought some safe stocks to buy or sell today. Our experts beleive that these stocks are good to buy or sell for today’s trading. Please have a look on our Stock Intraday Tips for Today.

Stock Intraday Tips for Today: 14th June

  • Buy IGL for target level of 650 and keep a strict stop loss at 555 level.
  • Buy KRBL on current price to get the target of 320 in 2-3 days, Stop loss at 270
  • Buy Kiri Ind. for target level of 350 and a stop loss at 320 level.
  • Sell Bharti Airtel below 343 for Intraday Target of 333, stop loss at 348
  • Buy ACC above 1561, Stop loss at 1545, Target level for intraday trading is 1590