15 June 2015, Sensex, nifty high, today India free stock trading tips

The first day of the week, the stock market was maintaining its bits uptrend .The market is still holding occurring its yet to be morning gains early market introduction of the first day of the week Market may be extremely limited in scope because the government announced WPI inflation at negative 2.36 percent for May against negative 2.65 percent in previous month and also Tuesday are starting Fed meeting and the domestic market in the absence of any strong trigger ups Downs is expected to be traded in the market.

At the noon session The Sensex is happening 73.35 points at 26495.50, and the Nifty taking place 5.25points at 7988.15. About 1097 shares have militant, 575 shares declined, and 102 shares are unchanged.
In today’s session the market is trading in the range of 8060 to 7920. Because of the attitude of foreign investors in the moisture and fluctuations in the market due to weak business with the trigger might be. If Nifty 7920 market crash so that the brakes can get to see.